Adopted specification NFC Controller Interface 2.0, Activity 2.0 and NFC NFC Digital Protocol 2.0 as well as NFC Tag Type 5 Candidate

The organization of NFC Forum, dedicated to the promotion and standardization of NFC technology, has adopted three new specifications and one draft. It is argued that their adoption will help to expand the use of NFC.

Specification NFC Controller Interface (NCI) Technical Specification Version 2.0 defines a standard interface in the device that supports NFC between the NFC controller and the CPU. The new version adds support for ACM for connection P2P and NFC-V Technology that will allow devices with NFC to interact with a wider range of devices and labels. Also expanded the capabilities of the Listen Mode Routing mechanism and made other improvements, including addressing the use of NFC to make payments.

Specification NFC Activity Technical Specification Version 2.0 defines a kind of «bricks» (Activities) which make up the wireless Protocol. Specification NFC Digital Protocol Technical Specification Version 2.0 defines a digital portion of the radio Protocol used by devices that support NFC. This half-duplex Protocol that allows the devices to act as reader/writer, card emulation or device P2P. Finally, NFC Forum Tag Type 5 Candidate Specification defines a new label type, which can be stored NDEF message. Information from this report identifies a variety of actions performed by the device, considered the label.

Source: NFC Forum


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