Adobe stops updating Flash in 2020

Flash technology, which the company Adobe Systems has promoted for many years, have forgotten. About this developer said yesterday, warning that it will no longer produce the appropriate updates in 2020. By the time Flash stops supporting browsers. Adobe approved Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Mozilla, have agreed to gradually remove support for Flash from its products over the coming years.

Developed over two decades ago, Flash technology was very popular as a platform for web applications and multimedia presentations, as he worked in different browsers. The evaluation developed the company Macromedia, which was acquired by Adobe in 2005, at that time, Flash technology was available on 98% of PCs connected to the Internet. However, the popularity of Flash has waned with the advent of mobile devices because Apple chose not to support it on the iPhone.

With time Flash pushed other technologies, including HTML5. Now some browsers do not support Flash by default, requiring the user to explicitly enable the corresponding capability.

According to estimates by Google, who developed the popular browser Chrome, in 2014 Flash technology was used daily 80% of PC users. Now this proportion dropped to 17% and continues to decline. Google considers the benefits of alternative technologies over high speed, energy efficiency and security.


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