Adidas plans to begin mass production of shoes by 3D printing

Adidas introduced new model shoes with soles manufactured using 3D printing. This Shoe manufacturer is going to mass-produce, starting next year.

Now 3D printing is sometimes used for making shoes, but we are talking about special samples for athletes or limited parties to demonstrate the capabilities. It is expected that new technology will enable cost-effective mass production.

Partner Adidas is a young American Carbon company, who offered the technology that delivers the quality is not worse than serial casting of polymers under pressure, and performance and cost is quite suitable for mass production. Its benefits include a higher rate of production of new models.

The manufacturer says that the first time will be produced batch of identical products, but over time, technology may develop to the manufacture of shoes in individual orders.

Among the investors is the Carbon Fund, founded by General Electric and Google.

Source: Reuters


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