Adidas Futurecraft M. F. G. made the robots using 3D printing technology

A year ago, the Adidas company showed a prototype of sneakers Futurecraft 3D partially printed on a 3D printer, and shared plans for the release of such products for robotized production Revolution. The company plans to gradually come to life: the manufacturer has demonstrated the first product, created in the framework of the project. Sneakers are called Futurecraft M. F. G. (Made for Germany).

Although in the Assembly of sneakers still involves people using their cars is kept to a minimum, and the bulk of the process already undertaken by the robots. Recall that the form of shoes is determined by individual measurements taken in store with the help of technology motion capture ARAMIS and shoes exact fit to the customer, the sole way that is different from the sole of the prototype Futurecraft 3D is produced by 3D printing.

Price Futurecraft M. F. G. not yet named, but it is unlikely to be close to the price of mass models, since it is planned to manufacture only 500 pairs.

Source: Engadget


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