Additionally, Foxconn will hire almost 20,000 people, as due to the decrease in the production of Apple smartphones, many employees decided to leave

According to the source, Foxconn announced a hiring 18,000 new employees. They will be recruited from University graduates (12 000 people) and graduates of high schools and vocational colleges (6000 people).

New staff will be provided with specially designed three-year course. The company wants to grow out of them specialists in various fields and new leaders. According to the Chairman of Foxconn Terry GU (Terry Gou), beginners should start with the easiest positions to develop their knowledge in the field of production, R & d, design and so on. And the wages of such employees in the first phase will be $ 350 with the possibility of increasing to 580 dollars in overtime.

It is interesting that such a number of vacancies were formed in the factories of Foxconn because of reduced production of iPhone 7. As the Christmas season has passed, and the sale of devices in the next few quarters will be lower obviously, Foxconn has reduced production volumes. Consequently, workers engaged in assembling Apple devices, it was necessary to transfer on other lines. But many chose to quit, instead of working on the lines with the worst safety and for less pay.



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