Adata has introduced several devices with USB type-C

Until Apple lowers prices on adapters USB-C, Adata adds to its range a number of accessories with this connector. Among the new products — cables, the device read and write memory cards, adapters, hub ports.

With cables and get started. The developers note a good insulation of the wires and their rather large cross section (22-32 AWG), as well as a special controller. As a result, the cables should be easy to cope with the transfer of 100 watts of power.

The connector must withstand at least 10,000 cycles of connection-disconnection. The length of the cables for all three options presented on the picture below, it is the same — 100 cm

Device read and write memory cards like a normal flash drive. It is made in plastic case dimensions 42,2 x 20,2 x 8.4 mm, uses as USB 3.1 is equipped with two connectors (USB-C and USB Type-A) and works with memory cards microSD, microSDXC and microSDHC.

As for adapters, there are two: one is a miniature (31 x 15.2 x 8.8 mm) USB-C to USB 3.1 Type-A, other one is bigger (149mm x 25.5 x 12.6 mm) and, depending on the HDMI connector or D-Sub.

Rectangular product with a USB-C Hub cannot be called just a hub, as in addition to the two ports USB 3.1 Type-B and one USB-C, it has and HDMI port. The dimensions of the device — 208,5 x 60 x 11.5 mm.

Unfortunately, Adata did not disclose the price of new products.

Source: Adata



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