Adata EX500 External Enclosure — the «pocket» for storage size 2.5 inches, equipped with USB 3.1

The range of the company Adata has added a device lately increasingly rare. Talking about «pocket» for storage size 2.5 inches, which is called EX500 External Enclosure.

As the device itself is quite simple, and settings at least. Main is USB 3.1, which allows use in conjunction with the new SSD, without fear that the data transfer speed will be miserable. In addition, the manufacturer says the high-speed controller JMS578.

Another plus EX500 External Enclosure lies in its design. Unlike many similar devices, in this case, no tools required for mounting the drive. Finally, we may note the impact resistance of the housing.

Dimensions of new items is 125 x 90 x 17 mm weight 79 g. It is compatible with disk drives of a form factor of 2.5 inches with a thickness of 7 or 9 mm. the Device is available only in this color, which you can see in the images.



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