Adata D8000L — mobile battery with led lamp, luminous flux up to 200 LM

Adata Technology has introduced mobile battery D8000L, a feature which is the presence of a bright built-in lamp. Unlike batteries, flashlight, forming a narrow beam of light, the LEDs on the top panel D8000L allow to obtain uniform illumination of the space. According to the manufacturer, the luminous flux is 200 LM. There are four modes of operation, including continuous glow mode and a flashing beacon.

The battery has two USB ports, is designed for currents up to 2.1 A. it supports over-heat protection, short circuit and other emergency situations. The D8000L degree of protection — IP54.

The D8000L degree of protection — IP54. With dimensions of 154 x 75 x 23,3 mm the product weighs 270 g.

Source: Adata



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