Adapter Radeon RX Vega 64 is able to demonstrate performance at 43.5 MH/s when mining Ethereum, consuming less than 250 watts of power

It is no secret that the rumors about the incredible performance of the AMD Vega in mining was for the benefit of gamers, is unfounded. In the end, terms of price, performance and power the new card yielded the same Radeon RX 580.

However, the potential of architecture Vega has not been exhausted. Miners cryptocurrency quickly determined that in the case of new adapters greater impact on performance memory frequency, not GPU. This helps to reduce the core frequency, at the same time reducing energy consumption.

One enthusiast reports that he was able to achieve performance Radeon RX Vega 64 43.5 MH/s with power consumption of 130 watts adapter. Supposedly this was achieved by reducing the core clock to 1000 MHz, the decreasing value of Power Limit to 25% and increase the memory clock to 1100 MHz.

Resource WCCF Tech, however, received the most faithful way: checked out the possibility of achieving such a result. It turned out that there are good and not so good news. Good is that performance at 43.5 MH/s is really achievable, and it outperformed any other single-processor card. Not good news — the power consumption is still significantly higher than stated by the author of the original experiment. On the same frequencies adapter WCCF Tech showed exactly the same performance, but consume about 248 watts, which is much more like it.

But it is also a great indicator that once again threatens the opportunity to remedy the situation with a deficit and high prices on cards in the near future.

Radeon RX Vega


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