Adapter NZXT Kraken G12 allows to install ITS on a 3D map

The company’s product range has expanded NZXT Kraken G12 adapter that allows you to install 3D-card CPU liquid cooling system. The product is a development of the Kraken G10, differing from it more broad compatibility. Adapter fits all new 3D maps and can be used in conjunction with ITS previous series, including models Kraken X31, X41 and X61, and the new, which includes models Kraken X42, X52 and X62. In total, the mount is compatible with more than 30 models of SVO on the market.

In addition, the manufacturer notes the new, less noisy 92 mm fan to cool the memory chips and voltage regulators, as well as simplified the installation process. Allegedly, G12 Kraken provides 40% better cooling compared to a regular air coolers 3D maps.

The adapter comes in black and white color options. It costs $30.

Source: NZXT



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