Adapter Laowa Magic Shift Converter provides the function of shift of lenses mounted on cameras with Sony E mount

The Chinese company Venus Optics, a manufacturer of interchangeable lenses Laowa, has introduced a new product called Magic Laowa Shift Converter (MSC). This is an adapter for mounting lenses with mounts for Canon and Nikon camera mount Sony E. an Interesting feature of the MSC is a function of shear. It adds new possibilities when shooting wide angle lenses (examples on the left picture was taken without apron, right with him).

In particular, according to Laowa, the adapter is particularly well suited for Laowa lens 12mm F2.8 Zero-D. using the adapter it becomes a lens with a focal length of 17 mm and a maximum aperture of F/4 with a shift within ±10 mm.

According to the manufacturer, even in the extreme positions, there is no vignetting, and overall impact of the adapter on image quality is minimized.

Accepting pre-orders for the MSC lenses Canon has already begun. To supply the company promises to begin in late July. Option for Nikon lens should be on sale in a few months. Worth new $300.

Sources: DP Review, Venus Lens



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