Activity tracker TomTom Cardio Touch, equipped with an OLED screen and a heart rate sensor is estimated at $ 110

The TomTom company specializing in GPS devices, introduced the activity tracker Touch Cardio. The device is equipped with a small OLED display and is estimated at about $ 110.

The company has in stock is the model of Touch. You would think that the novelty just added a heart rate sensor, and the other parameters are identical. But it’s not. The heart rate sensor is, in both trackers, but the novelty has not received a determination of percentage of fat and muscle mass, which is in the asset model Touch.

But the rest of the device really identical. The tracker is able to track user activity, count steps, distance, track sleep and display events on your smartphone. The battery is enough for five days, but on the protection of water said nothing. Buy Touch Cardio will be in next month.


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