Activity tracker Fitbit Flex 2 has received protection from water, and Charge 2 was equipped with heart rate sensor

Fitbit has expanded its range of activity trackers Flex 2 and Charge 2. The first novelty is estimated at $100, but will have to pay $150.

While Flex 2 despite his rank, in some ways even preferable. For example, he is not afraid of water, so that the device can swim in the pool or take a shower. From Fitbit almost all devices there is no serious protection against water, unfortunately, have not. So the $ 100 Flex wristband 2, good gift to fans of the company.

Like its predecessor, the new device has no screen and the whole display comes down to a few LEDs. Like other similar devices, the Flex 2 tracks activity, monitors sleep, and alerts about events on your paired smartphone. All the features, as in most other cases, are a credit to a greater extent, not the device itself. The dimensions of the tracker amount to 31.7 x 8.9 x 6.8 mm weight 23,5 g, but this is excluding the bracelet. Autonomy is stated at five days. Fitbit is a new replacement bracelets various designs and a special little pouch to wear as a pendant.

Model Charge 2 has great potential due to the presence of the OLED screen. And it has become much larger than its predecessor. The display may display various information associated with the user activity data about events on your smartphone, statistics, and more. As FOR the new products is different, the basic capabilities are identical, but this model is able to recognize the type of sports exercise. But to swim in Charge 2 anymore. But the older model has a heart rate sensor, which is not in the primary. This tracker also has a lot of interchangeable straps.



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