Acer this year relies on the slim and gaming laptops

The President of the company Acer Dave Lin (Dave Lin) said that last year the supply of slim laptops increased by 10%, and gaming laptops were shipped 30% more than the year before.

He added that this year the company will continue to focus on thin and gaming laptops are planning to release new models in the current quarter.

Because of the increased demand for operational and flash memory, and displays the production value of Acer products in the first quarter will increase by 3-5%. Acer plans during this period of time to increase selling prices of their products. To reduce the impact of a rise in price of RAM, the manufacturer plans to increase the share of laptops with 4 GB of RAM and reduce the amount of models with 8 GB of RAM.

In March, the planned release of a 21-inch gaming notebook Acer Predator 21X. There will also be released 17X Predator Predator Predator 17 and 15, as well as more affordable models in the V 17 Nitro V Nitro 15, VX15 and VX5-591G.



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