Acer Switch 7 Black Edition is the first fanless hybrid laptop equipped with a discrete graphics card

Switch 7 Black Edition is probably the most interesting mobile PC, which the company brought to the IFA 2017. The fact that the Switch 7 Black Edition, if you believe the press release, is the first fanless notebook «2-in-1″, equipped with discrete graphics adapter.

Of course, if you approach the issue of classification is more meticulous, the Switch 7 Black Edition is a tablet, not a laptop. Attachable keyboard contains no necessary for the operation of the device components, or at least an extra battery.

But now, manufacturers prefer to position devices such as hybrid laptops, not tablets, as sales of the latter falling.

So, in the heart of the model is quite a powerful Quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU of the eighth generation, and for games there is the 3D-card GeForce MX150, even if it adapter the entry level. And all of this is cooled passively. Acer shows some liquid WITH LiquidLoop, but did not disclose any details. Despite the fact that the components in this PC are quite modest power consumption figures, in a sealed enclosure without active cooling they may be seriously hot. But it will be available after the release of new items on sale.

The tablet part weighs 1.15 kg. the Device has received IPS display diagonal of 13.5 inches resolution 2256 x 1504 pixel. A stylus with Wacom’s EMR technology, the fingerprint scanner and stand, AutoStand, allowing you to position the device on the table. Autonomy is stated at 10 hours, but this is clearly not in the game.

In sale the device will arrive in December at a price of $ 1,700.

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