Acer Spin 7 — another incredibly thin laptop, but this time transformed

At IFA 2016, the company Acer introduced the thinnest laptop in the world — Swift 7 9,98 mm. thick But it is not only extremely thin novelty in assortment of the manufacturer.

Spin 7 — convertible laptop. Despite this, it also boasts a very thin case. In this case, a thickness of 10.98 mm. That is, if Acer did not create Swift 7, this device would earn the status of most thin on the market, and besides, it’s a transformer.

The weight of the laptop is 1.2 kg. And in this case, the buyer receives the device with 14-inch screen. As says Acer, enclosed in «13-inch» casing. That is the frame around the display here is quite slim, although in this matter the record is still from Dell.

So, the laptop is enclosed by a metal casing, and the display, is covered, by the way, glass Gorilla glass, you can deploy 360 degrees, turning the device into a tablet. It uses a IPS panel with Full HD resolution that allows you to keep the cost within reasonable limits. To be precise, Spin 7 will cost $1200.

The model is Intel Core i7 the seventh generation. However, this processor Kaby Lake-Y, that is, formally he would have to treat the family of Core M, but Intel decided to cheat. Also in the configuration includes 8 GB RAM, SSD 256GB and a pair of USB ports. the Battery will last for eight hours of work.



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