Acer offers Aspire desktop PC GX-281 processor Ryzen in price from $ 800

Acer has expanded the range of its first desktop processors Ryzen. The model is called Aspire GX-281. It exists in several modifications and is estimated at least $ 800.

In the basis may be the CPU Ryzen Ryzen 5 5 1400 and 1600. In all cases, for gaming performance meets GeForce GTX 1050, so that the PC can be attributed to the initial class of game models.

The amount of RAM can range from 8 to 64 GB, and used for data storage HDD 1 TB. In some versions it also added SSD capacity of 256 GB.

A modest set of ports: USB 2.0 (x5), USB 3.1 C (x3), Gigabit Ethernet, and audio jacks. There is also a card reader, a Wi-Fi adapter and integrated in the upper part of the case wireless charging (Qi). Complete with PC supplied mouse and keyboard.

Do note that third-party sources say about the versions with better CPU (up to Ryzen 7 1700X) and 3D maps (up to GeForce GTX 1070), but on the Acer website are not yet available.



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