Acer Holo 360 hybrid panoramic camera and smartphone with Android OS

Acer has introduced an interesting concept called Acer Holo 360, which is a hybrid called a panoramic camera and a smartphone running the Android OS.

The main objective is to allow you to take photos and videos with a viewing angle of 360°. At the moment, the technical characteristics Acer Holo 360 not disclosed, the first image showing the existence of a fairly large smartphone lenses on the front and rear panels, screen and a few buttons on the case.

The manufacturer confirmed that the device will be equipped with modules Wi-Fi and LTE, which should allow you to use it for calls and mobile Internet.

It is also reported about the possibility of rapid publication of footage on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

The yield of Holo 360 Acer is expected this year.



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