Acer and Asus are delaying the release of a 4K monitor that supports G-Sync, HDR and frequency of 144 Hz, and for 2018

In January of this year, Asus introduced a gaming monitor Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ to the features which include 4K resolution and support for adaptive synchronization Nvidia G-Sync HDR with frame rates up to 144 Hz.

In April, the production model Predator X27 similar parameters announced by Acer.

This week it became known that supplies of both models are delayed until 2018.

Thus, producers will not be able to take advantage of the seasonal rise in demand. The reason for this is compelling. Given that both models use the 27-inch panel M270QAN02.2 types of production AHVA AU Optronics, one can assume that the company AU Optronics was not able to master its mass production.

In addition, these monitors use a scheme reference sample proposed by Nvidia. Perhaps, this scheme needs to be expanded.

Anyway, wishing to purchase Asus ROG Swift or Acer Predator PG27UQ X27’ll have to wait.

, Asus


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