According to TrendForce, the price of lithium-ion batteries continue to slowly grow

Experts of the analytical company TrendForce has studied the current situation on the market of lithium-ion batteries and found that the prices, though slowly, but growing compared to the third quarter.

Although in the third quarter of the price of cobalt reached a maximum for recent years the values of the cell rose in price more slowly after a few price surges in the second quarter.

Lithium polymer cells rose in the third quarter, more than any other — more than 3% compared to the second quarter. Cylindrical and prismatic lithium-ion cells, the cathodes of which are commonly used material with less cobalt content, for the quarter rose about 2%.

Demand growth for cells with a polymer electrolyte, characterized by higher energy density, is largely provided by the manufacturers of laptops that use these batteries in the slim models. Manufacturers of batteries transferred resources from the production of batteries for smartphones on the output of batteries for laptops, as this segment is now more profitable. At the same time, in the segment of batteries for tablets is declining, as manufacturers of electronic devices has significantly reduced the purchase. Average inventory compared to last year decreased by 8%.


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