According to Transcend, in the current quarter will continue to be felt shortage of DRAM and NAND

Offer memory type DRAM and NAND in this quarter will continue to lag behind demand. Due to the lack of memory contract prices in the short term will continue to grow. This is the opinion of the company Transcend Information.

The lack of flash-memory of type NAND, in particular, TLC NAND, widely used in consumer products, had a negative impact on the revenue of Transcend over the previous quarter. The report recorded value is 165.5 million, which is 6.3% less than last year.

Manufacturer is looking for a way in the production of niche products, due to which managed to increase gross profit from 21.1% to 26.2%. Operating profit for the year increased by 33.8%.

The contribution of industrial solutions, Transcend income in the second quarter of 2017 43.6%. Standard DRAM modules provided 19% of revenue, consumer flash drives and memory cards is 18.9%.



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