According to the manufacturer, Renesas microcontroller RH850/P1L-C Group can be used in self-driving cars

The company Renesas Electronics has unveiled the RH850 microcontrollers/P1L-C Group. They are designed for vehicle systems relating to security, including antilock braking system and airbag system and also for systems of engine operation. According to the manufacturer, the new microcontroller series, which RH850/P1x-C, you will find the application in driver assistance systems and self-driving cars.

Key features of the RH850 microcontrollers/P1L-C Group, the manufacturer considers compatible with other members of the series RH850/P1x-C, which facilitates the design. In addition, the advantages attributed small size and low pin count — this allows to reduce the electronic components. More specifically, the new proposed microcontroller in LQFP packages with dimensions 10 x 10 mm with 80 conclusions 12 x 12 mm with 100-pin and 16 x 16 mm with 144 conclusions. In all cases the spacing equal to 0.4 mm.

Evaluation samples of the RH850/P1L-C Group are already available. Serial deliveries are scheduled to begin in may 2018.

Source: Renesas



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