According to the Juniper Research forecast that in five years digital advertising market will grow from 148 to 420 billion dollars

Analysts at Juniper Research believe that the market of digital advertising in the next five years will grow by 18% a year. This year, the volume of that market is projected to be equal to 184 billion dollars. If the growth will be achieved in 2022 digital advertising will be sold for 420 billion dollars. This includes advertising that is delivered through wearable, mobile and desktop systems, and advertising displays outside the premises.

Analysts note that market growth of digital advertising will not stop even programs of this sort, although their impact will be noticeable. In 2022, they will weed out the 19% of online advertising. At the same time, thanks to artificial intelligence technologies, advertising will become more targeted and unobtrusive. By 2022, these technologies are used in approximately 75% of the delivered ads.


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