According to the IDC forecast, this year the market of solutions for augmented and virtual reality will increase to 130.5%, to 13.9 billion dollars

Experts of analytical company IDC has once again predicted the development of solutions for augmented and virtual reality. According to them, this year the market will grow to 13.9 billion dollars — to 130,5% in comparison with last year’s figure of 6.1 billion. Growth will continue in the coming years, so that average annual growth in the period from 2015 to 2020 will amount to 198%. In 2020, the market volume will reach 143.3 billion dollars .

The largest segment of this year will be the consumer. It will amount to 44.4% of the total market, or $ 6.2 billion in absolute terms. However, analysts believe that in 2020 it will yield the first place to retail business. Moreover, in their opinion, consumer segment at that time will be less than the segment of solutions for the industry. The main use of new technology in the consumer segment will be the game, but in the industry it will be useful for the design and maintenance of various products. Specify that in your forecast IDC analysts include the costs of hardware, software and system integration services.

Source: IDC


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