According to the IDC forecast, in 2021 will be shipped 81.2 million AR and VR headsets

Experts of the analytical company IDC believe that the supply headsets and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the current year reached 13.7 million units. In the coming years this market will grow rapidly — on average by 56.1% in the period up to 2021. If this forecast is justified, in 2021 will be shipped 81.2 million AR and VR headsets.

In the next two years the lion’s share of supply — over 90% — will be in the gear VR headset, while the share of headsets AR is less than 10%. In 2019, the situation will begin to change and by 2021 the proportion of AR headsets will increase to 25%.

Analysts specify, the average price AR headsets will be significantly more than the average price of VR headsets, so in monetary terms, in 2021 the share of the first is twice the second fraction. More specifically, it is expected that sales of headsets AR in 2021 will exceed $ 30 billion.



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