According to the head of the company Powerchip, a DRAM shortage is here to stay

The supply of DRAM chips are likely to be insufficient for quite some time. Such forecast was made by Frank Huang (Frank Huang), Chairman of Powerchip Technology, engaged in contract manufacturing of semiconductor products.

According to him, manufacturers of memory chips during the last five years has commissioned new capacity. Occupying the position of industry leader Samsung has concentrated on contract manufacturing 10-nanometer chips and the release of memory of type NAND. Chinese manufacturers bothers to turn on the DRAM market, the technological gap supported by large market participants, such as ITC, with the help of patents. In this situation more attractive to China looks to the development of contract manufacturing.

The construction of new factories specializing in DRAM, became unprofitable at the end of 20 nm, and the development of finer standards of process technology on existing plants to provide for further reduction of cost is unable. The demand for DRAM is growing, so the decline in prices can not count.

Source: Digitimes


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