According to the head of Epistar, displays, micro-LED will appear in the serial devices in the next year or two

Displays micro-LED will appear in small electronic devices, including smart watches, VR headsets and AR in the next year or two. To turn devices of a large size, it will take another three to five years. This view adheres to the head of the company Epistar, the opinion which leads the source. Forecast it is possible to trust because the company Epistar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LEDs and the holder of thousands of patents in this area.

The company develops technology Epistar mini LED occupying an intermediate position between the led displays with a pixel size of 200-300 microns and displays, micro-LED, which are usually referred to displays with a pixel size of 20-30 µm. In the display mini-LED pixel sizes equal to 100-150 µm. The development, which could be a transitional solution that is already interested in the South Korean and Chinese customers.

Source: Digitimes


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