According to the head Nvidia, Switch consoles, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation «mostly similar opportunities»

Nintendo console Switch, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation have similar architecture, which should help when porting games from the PC. At least, according to the source, this view is shared by the CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang.

As you know, Nintendo Switch uses a customized version of Nvidia Tegra processor. The composition of this SoC includes the GPU on the Nvidia Pascal architecture, the performance of which is approximately equal to 1 TFLOPS.

The CPU Nintendo Switch built on the ARM architecture, whereas the PS4 and Xbox One uses x86 compatible CPU. However, the difference in architecture is not as important as the presence of similar features and a modern GPU, says Huang.
«The quality of games has increased significantly — leads the source words of Huang. And one of the factors of production volume of games that became possible, is the similarity between a PC and two gaming consoles — Xbox and PlayStation, and in the near future — and with Nintendo Switch architecture which is similar in the sense that they use modern GPU, programmable shaders, and is basically similar opportunities.»




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