According to the forecast Yole Developpement, flexible displays OLED OTFT will be on the market within two to three years

According to experts of company Yole Developpement, prepared a report and prognosis, in organic thin film transistors (OTFT) will find use in flexible OLED displays in the next two to three years. Already, some Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers are adopting the use of OTFT, but while in the flexible liquid crystal displays.

The mobility of carriers achieved in OTFT, it is quite suitable to control liquid crystal panels, since it exceeds the mobility of carriers in the transistors of amorphous silicon. However, for organic LEDs this is not sufficient. This problem will be solved in the coming years, then the market will be the OTFT OLED displays for wearable electronics, consumer devices and cars. The first samples will be characterized by a density of 200 dpi.

Introduction OTFT will help to reduce the cost of production of flexible OLED panels, since the organic thin-film transistors are formed at a low temperature on inexpensive substrates, in contrast to the transistors of low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS), which require a fairly expensive substrate of polyimide.

Source: Yole Developpement



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