According to the forecast Tractica in 2025 will be shipped 41,2 million processors for deep learning

Deep learning neural networks came to the forefront of the technology of artificial intelligence. Given the interest in this area, analysts Tractica undertook to predict the development of corresponding hardware. Now most of the load in systems for deep learning are versatile Central processing units (CPU) and graphic accelerators (GPU), but more efficient for this task can be a specialized solutions, such as programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and custom chip (ASIC).

According to the forecast Tractica, supply of all types of processors for deep learning, which amounted last year to 863 000 units by 2025 will increase to 41.2 million units. In money terms the market will grow from $ 513 million to us $ 12.2 billion, which represented an average annual growth of 42.2%.

Source: Tractica


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