According to the forecast of All!, the market for batteries for wearable electronics in the next few years waiting for rapid growth

The market for smart wearable devices has not yet been able to repeat the success of smartphones and tablets, but it also expects rapid growth. Anyway, so say the experts by the research firm technavio, published a forecast of the market development of batteries for wearable electronics for the period from 2017 to 2022.

If you believe the experts All!, during the specified period of delivery of batteries for wearable electronics will grow by 29% per year. The basis of supply will be lithium-ion batteries. Their advantages are small size and weight (more specifically, high energy density), and the relative simplicity of recycling. Their share at the end of 2016, equal 53,67%. In second place and Li-polymer batteries, which accounted for by 32.57%.

The five largest producers of batteries for smart wearable devices form a company Enfucell, Guangzhou Fullriver Battery New Technology, LG Chem, Panasonic Industrial Devices & Solutions and Samsung SDI (in alphabetical order).

Source: All!


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