According to the forecast IDC, spending on information technology in the coming years will grow by 3.3% per year

Experts of the analytical company IDC has prepared a forecast, which says that the growth of spending on information technology (IT) in the period from 2015 to 2020 will be 3.3% per year. Specifically, in the current year the cost will increase compared with the year 2016 by 3.5%.

If the forecast is confirmed, the costs of information technology in 2020 will be close to to 2.65 trillion dollars.

More than any other on the IT spending of companies operating in the financial sector (banks, insurance and investment companies) and companies of the productive sector. In total, they provide about 30% of the income of the companies of the IT sector. Major consumers of IT products and services also include telecommunications companies and government agencies. The consumer segment is about 20%, but the cost of it within the specified period will not grow nearly (0.3% per year).

Considering the size of the companies, to large enterprises, under which to understand IDC, companies with number of employees more than 1000, accounted for 45% of the costs. In turn, small companies employing up to 10 people and provides about a quarter of the turnover of the industry.

Source: IDC



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