According to the estimates of TrendForce, the average size of television panels increased to 44.7 inch

Experts WitsView, units analytical company TrendForce, summed up the first half of the market of LCD panels for TVs. According to their calculations, six months shipped a total of 123.35 million TV panels, which is only 0.1% less than in the first half of 2016.

The market leader is the company LG Display, those shipped 25,227 million panels, which is 1.1% less than last year 25,559 million

In the second place from fourth rose company Innolux developing a delivery by 2.2% — from 19,812 to 20,253 million. He walked around the company BOE that second dropped to third because of reduced deliveries by 13.1% from 22,435 to 19,504 million.

As you know, Samsung Display (SDC) at the end of last year stopped production of the panels on the line L7-1 factory Gen-7, with the result that the supply fell from 21,416 to 18410 million units or 14.0%, and the manufacturer has dropped from third place in the ranking to fourth.

As last year, completing the top five Chinese company China Star Optoelectronics (CSOT), a year developing the supply 22% — from 14,867 to 18,172 million.

Prices on panel size 40-43 inches for the year increased by 70%, so that the production of television sets with such screens became unprofitable. TV manufacturers are trying to move away from price pressures, increasing the share of models with large screens. The result was an increase in the average size of television panels at 1.7 inches per year to 44.7 inches. The total area of the panels increased by 8.7%.


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