According to the analyst, only the highest version of the iPhone 8 can obtain the OLED display

Analyst at Gabelli & Co. Hendi Susanto, (Hendi Susanto) expressed his vision of how will be the transition to the use of OLED displays in smartphones family iPhone.

Next year marks ten years since the market launch of the first iPhone, so everyone is waiting for what Apple will unveil the device in a new design with radical changes and technologies. One of the innovations should be OLED display, however, Hendi Susanto believes that the transition could be partial, because the suppliers simply do not cope with the volumes of supply at the initial stage. Apple will release only one special version of the new iPhone (call it iPhone 8 Plus), which will have an OLED display. The Junior version iPhone 8 will continue to use LCD display.

In another scenario there is a version that Apple will wait until 2018 when OLED displays will get all versions of the new iPhone 9.

In the morning we wrote about the names of the upcoming smartphone iPhone, which will present in September. And the head of the Target complained about the lack of innovation, in which Apple sales fell in the last quarter by 20%.



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