According to Strategy Analytics, Android’s share of the smartphone market rose to a record

The results of the latest research conducted by experts from Strategy Analytics indicate that in the third quarter of 2016 were shipped 375.4 million smartphones, 6% more than it was a year earlier.

The share of smartphones running the Android operating system grew last year by 10.3%, amounting to 328,6 million units, which occupied 87.5% of the total market (a year earlier the figure was 84%).

Shipments of iPhones dropped by 5.2% to 45.5 million smartphones. The share of iOS in the world market declined from 13.6 to 12.1%.

Other smartphones that are running BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Tizen, in the last quarter was shipped a total of 1.3 million units, while a year earlier deliveries amounted to 8.2 million devices. And if in the third quarter of last year, these devices were owned 2.3% of the market, now their share dropped to 0.3%.



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