According to statistics Chrome, the proportion of protected traffic on the Android platform for the year increased from 42% to 64%

Google has published a Transparency report the Report, from which it follows that the Internet moves confidently to use HTTPS.

About a year ago, Google Chrome began to mark the sites that do not use HTTPS encryption as unsafe. According to the developer, this was done to better inform users and to encourage the site owner to increase security.

At the first stage warning was issued only on sites that collect passwords and credit card information, and then were added to all sites where the user is required enter any information. In addition, the mode Incognito Chrome considers unsafe, all pages HTTP.

According to Google, it gave results. During the year the share of protected traffic Chrome on the Android platform increased from 42% to 64%. Platforms ChromeOS and Mac is now protected by more than 75% of the traffic, whereas a year ago the indicator Chrome OS was equal to 67% of Mac 60%.

If we consider the 100 most popular sites, 71 of them uses HTTPS by default. A year ago such sites in the first hundred was 37.

To help site owners, Google is trying to make the transition (or create new sites) to HTTPS as simple and cheap. In particular, the company is the platinum sponsor of automated CA Let’s Encrypt offers free cryptographic X. 509 certificates for TLS encryption used in HTTPS.



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