According to rumors, the release of the Fujifilm X70 discontinued, since Sony ceased to produce corresponding image sensors

According to the source, Sony has stopped production of image sensors APS-C 16mp used in some Fujifilm cameras. This led to the fact that the Fujifilm turns the issue of appropriate models.

In particular, it is marked as «discontinued» in one of the large online stores have got the Fujifilm X70. In addition, it is not possible to buy in many Japanese stores. Information that this model is discontinued, confirmed a representative of Fujifilm.

Meanwhile, it was introduced in January of this year, and has appeared on sale in February. According to the source, the decision to withdraw from the production of the new model is motivated by the desire to use the remaining sensors from inventory to production of more expensive models, bringing the manufacturer more profit. For example, the Fujifilm X-T10 and Fujifilm X-part no E2S with built-in electronic viewfinders and interchangeable lenses. We will remind, the Fujifilm X70 is equipped with non-replaceable lens with EGF 28 mm and a maximum aperture of F/2.8.

Usually Sony warned ahead of time about the discontinuation of sensors. The source assumes that the data case the decision was unexpected for Fujifilm.

Source: Fujirumors



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