According to rumors, the Google Nexus discontinued. New smartphones come out 4 October under the names Pixel and Pixel XL

A few days ago, sources familiar with the plans Google announced that the company abandoned development of the brand Nexus.

Two new smartphone, codenamed HTC Marlin and Sailfish, which were to enter the market under the brand Nexus, will appear on store shelves, introducing a new brand.

Then, it was reported that the smartphone will receive not a stock version of the Android operating system 7.0 Nougat, and a new interface and a few extra apps out of the box. On the rear panel to house the logo in the shape of the letter G.

Android Police, citing from two independent sources, reports that the new smartphones will use the Google brand Pixel. The five-inch HTC Sailfish will be called Pixel, and HTC Marlin with a display diagonal of 5.5 inches will be Pixel XL. Moreover, the source claims that Google will position Pixel and Pixel XL as the first smartphone manufactured by the Google, not to mention HTC.

As expected, the smartphone will hit the market on October 4. Google representatives refrain from commenting.



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