According to NXP, the interest in self-driving cars will encourage industry consolidation

Recently, in the microelectronics industry there is a trend of consolidation. In a series of mergers and acquisitions is enough to recall the very recent deal, which was announced in late October: Qualcomm buys NXP Semiconductors for $ 47 billion. By the way, the company NXP Semiconductors less than a year ago completed a merger with Freescale.

The view that the policy of consolidation of companies will continue, the source was expressed by one of the leaders of NXP Semiconductor, Kurt Sivers (Kurt Sievers). At NXP, he heads the direction associated with the release of automotive electronics. By the way, according to Sievers, the engine of consolidation will make it automobile electronics. More specifically, the growing interest in self-driving cars.

«Car theme stimulated mergers and acquisitions in the sector of integrated circuits and will continue to do so for some time» — leads the source words of Kurt.

The consolidation is explained by the desire to capture large market share, much of which is tied to connected devices and cars, in the conditions when smartphone sales have stopped growing.

Source: Reuters



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