According to new data, beginning in 2017, the iPhone will lose the Home button

According to the publication Bloomberg, citing knowledgeable informant, next year we do expect radical changes in the design and functionality of the iPhone.

In particular, the source recommends that you stop to think about whether the Home button touch next year. According to him, Apple will go further, completely abandoning the use of the famous management body which was present in all iPhone models released since 2007.

Edition Mac Rumors adds that the anniversary of the iPhone, which will be released next year, will get a completely new design and curved edge-to-edge OLED display. And, speaking of «frameless», the source implies that they lack not only the sides but also from above and below, where is now located the Home button and front camera.

In this case, probably talking about the new fingerprint sensor, which is built right into the display. Rumor has it that Apple design chief jony Ive (Jony Ive) for several years now is considering the concept, which looks like a solid piece of glass. The rumors that the glass panel will be covered and the back of the smartphone, also appeared repeatedly.



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