According to Macronix, the new memory subsystem OctaBus with a small amount of insights well-suited for IoT and automotive electronics

The company Macronix has introduced the new generation memory interface OctaBus. According to the manufacturer, the development is well suited for IoT and automotive electronics. A small number of leads — 12 — to simplify the circuit device and the printed circuit Board, to reduce their cost. While maintaining high performance.

The original version OctaFlash presented in 2015, provided data transfer rate of 400 MB/s using eight lines. New version is not only suitable for the flash memory Serial NOR (OctaFlash), but for RAM (OctaRAM). The use of the tire with the General lines of the I / o simplifies design and unify the PCB. Allegedly OctaRAM delivers performance that is comparable to DDR2.

One of the strengths of the implementation OctaBus is to simplify the products in the performance of MCP, in which crystals of different galleries. The use of separate tire forces to increase the number of terminals in the BGA package, which requires an increase in the body. According to the manufacturer, the transition to OctaBus allowed to reduce the size of a typical enclosure with 9 x 9 mm to 6 x 8 mm.

Memory subsystem Macronix OctaBus will be offered in three basic product lines. This flash memory chips OctaFlash densities ranging from 256 Mbit to 2 Gbit chip RAM OctaRAM density from 32 MB up to 128 GB, and modules OctaMCP, including 512 MB of memory OctaFlash and 64 Mbit memory OctaRAM.

Source: Macronix


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