According to IHS, every fifth shipped an AMOLED display for smartphones will be curved

According to analysts IHS, in the following year the supply of curved displays for smartphones will grow by 135% at approximately 139 million units. As expected, the curved displays will amount to 3.8% of the total supply of screens for smartphones.

This year the first models with such displays released Vivo and Xiaomi are gaining popularity not only in China but also in other regions of the world. Various sources confirm that both models of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be curved displays only. Presumably, the new iPhone may get curved screen AMOLED. Next year every fifth shipped an AMOLED display for smartphones, according to IHS, will be curved.

Smartphones accounted for 76% of all of the curved displays, which were shipped by vendors this year, adds IHS. At the same time until at least 2023, analysts do not expect curved displays are of growing popularity in other devices including in-car infotainment systems, headsets AR/VR, TVs and so on.

Analysts suggest that the trend continues and manufacturers will eventually abandon flat rectangular displays in favor of curved, but later flexible screens that can bend and fold.


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