According to IDC, the smartphone market will continue growing for five years

Experts IDC noted that last year the growth in the smartphone market was only 2.5%. However, this year the supply is expected to increase by 3%, and in 2018 4.5%. Growth will continue over the next five years.

Analysts expect that this year the world will be shipped 1.52 billion smartphones in 2021 shipments should reach 1,745 billion devices. While half of the world’s population still don’t have a smartphone.

This year, iPhone shipments will grow by 3.8 per cent to $ 223.6 million devices. In 2018, the shipment of Apple smartphones is expected to grow to 240 million units, showing a growth of 7.5%.

Regarding Android, the middle East and Africa expected 10% growth in supply. The average price of smartphones with this operating system by 2021 will be $ 198. Shipments of smartphones with Android in 2021 will amount to nearly 1.5 billion units.

The market share of Android, which this year will amount to 85.1 per cent, by 2021 will increase slightly (to 85.5%). IOS will decline from 14.7% to 14.5%.

Users of expensive smartphones are pushing to replace their devices factors such as display, camera and memory.

The IDC forecast on the popularity of smartphones with displays of different diagonal read our previous article.


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