According to IDC, the PC market for the year decreased by 3.3%

At the same time with Gartner analysts the results of the second quarter of 2017 in the PC market failed their colleagues from IDC. The IDC report said that the market is «traditional PC» for the year decreased by 3.3%. This figure is slightly better than the projected 3.9%. Recall that in the reduction of the Gartner market estimate of 4.3%.

According to estimates IDC, for the three months from April to June was shipped 60.5 million ready PC. Analysts say the weakening of the influence of the lack of some components, including SSD. At the same time, the shortage of components affected their price and cost.

A list of leading PC manufacturers prepared by the experts of IDC, coincides with the list from Gartner, but the distribution of market shares is slightly different.

The largest PC manufacturer, HP, for the quarter managed to ship 13,782 million personal computers, which corresponds to 22.8% of the market. A year ago, the numbers HP was equal to 12,974 million and 20.7%. Second place goes to Lenovo, those shipped 12,434 million computers, which corresponds to 20.5% of the market. A year ago, the Chinese manufacturer was in first place with a share of 21.1%, which then correspond 13,189 million PC. Closes the top three Dell. It is a year increased its deliveries from 9,963 to 10,328 million units, bringing its share increased from 15.9% to 17.1%.

It remains to add that to the traditional IDC include desktop PCs, laptops and workstations, but does not include tablets and x86-compatible servers.

Source: IDC


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