According to IDC, last year, Amazon and Huawei increased its sales of tablets at 98.8 per cent and 49.9 percent, respectively

His assessment of the tablet market over the past quarter and published by IDC analysts. And it is sometimes significantly different from data from Strategy Analytics.

IDC count of 52.9 million tablets that were sold in the fourth quarter of 2016. At the same time a year earlier, sales were 66.2 million units, that is, the market dipped by 20.1%.

The leader, of course, is still an Apple, realize 13.1 million tablets against 16.1 million a year earlier. The company holds 24.7% of the market as against 24.3% in 2015. Samsung is in second place with a score of 8 million sold tablets and 15.1% of the market. A year earlier the corresponding figures were equal to 9 million and 13.6%. But in third place is Amazon, not Lenovo. IDC counted 5.2 million sold to an American company tablets, which corresponds to 9.7% of the market. Interestingly, a year earlier Amazon sold the same at 5.2 million units, IDC if you believe.

The source further positioned Lenovo with 3.7 million tablets, and 7% of the market, and Huawei, shipped 3.2 million units, which allowed her to take 6% of the market. For comparison, a year earlier performance of these companies was, respectively, equal to 3.2 million and 4.9%, and 2.2 million and 3.4%.

At the end of the year in the world has sold 174,8 million tablets, which corresponds to a decline of 15.6%. Apple took the first place by selling 42.6 million units (decline of 14.2%), Samsung sold 26.6 million (a decline of 20.5%), Amazon managed to sell 12.1 million (an increase of 98.8%) are in the Bank at Lenovo 11.1 million (a decline of 1.2 percent), and Huawei rounded out the top five with a figure of 9.7 million sold units, 49.9% better than the result a year ago.


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