According to IC Insights, sales of image sensor type CMOS this year to grow 22%

Experts of the analytical company IC Insights has published a new forecast concerning semiconductor products category O-S-D (optoelectronic devices, sensors and discrete devices).

According to analysts, all three segments this year will show a record for the last six years value. In total, these segments expected sales growth of 10.5% compared to last year. In absolute terms, the market will reach 75,0 billion. Motor industry called the interest in the Internet of things.

If we consider the five main categories of products, it appears that just the sales of LEDs will remain at last year’s level. Analysts attribute this continued decline in prices. In all other categories is projected a significant increase from 9% in the case of power transistors to 22% in the case of image sensors of the CMOS type.

Analysts expect that in 2018, the market volume O-S-D will reach 80.5 billion dollars. It is 7.4% more than forecast in 2017.


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