According to estimates of the European Commission, Amazon had to pay 250 million euros of taxes

According to the European Commission, Amazon has received an unjustified tax benefit in Luxembourg, which has resulted in an underpayment of € 250 million. Compared with local companies the largest online store paid four times less. Because it was illegal, Amazon require you to pay a specified amount.

The investigation, which began in 2014, it was established that the tax rules adopted by Luxembourg in 2003, which was extended in 2011, allowed Amazon to pay less tax «without legal justification».

Amazon transfer profits of the entity obliged to pay taxes in Luxembourg, the other exempt. The result has been to significantly reduce the payment. The company, established for implementation of this scheme, has no offices and staff, fulfilling a formal function. According to the calculations of regulators, so Amazon is deduced from under the taxation three-quarters of revenue in Europe.

According to Amazon, everything was done legally, since she did not receive any special preferences from Luxembourg. Taxes were paid in strict accordance with the laws of this country and international requirements. The company is considering the possibility of appeal.


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