According to estimates of Jon Peddie Research, AMD’s share in the market of 3D cards for the year increased from 18% to 29.9%

Experts of the analytical company Jon Peddie Research (JPR) prepared a report for the second quarter of this year in the market of 3D cards for the PC.

According to analysts ‘ estimates, the market decreased compared to the previous quarter was 20.8%, largely due to seasonal factors. Interestingly, the PC market increased by 2.5%.

With the decline in market there is a redistribution of shares among its participants. AMD, who served in the first quarter to 22.8% of the market, has increased its stake to 29.9%. A year ago, its share was equal to 18%.

Share Nvidia a year ago was 81,9%, decreased in the first quarter to 77.2%, while in the second was equal to 70%.

Analysts say the continuing trend of reducing the number of graphics solutions (discrete and integrated) with respect to the total number of PCs. In 2008, graphics solutions were shipped by 63% more than a PC in the last quarter, the figure was only 34%. This may be attributed to the increased capabilities of the built-in GPU and a decrease of interest in configurations with multiple GPUs running in the mode AMD CrossFireX or Nvidia SLI.

Source: JPR



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