According to estimates of Jon Peddie Research, AMD for the quarter has increased the supply of GPU more than 10%

Experts of the analytical company Jon Peddie Research (JPR) summed up the results of the fourth quarter of 2016 on the market GPU for the PC. The statistics shows that the market declined slightly as compared to the previous quarter, and compared to the fourth quarter of 2015. I wonder what AMD and Nvidia have managed to increase sales compared to the previous quarter by 10.49% and 9,52%, respectively. Since the total market even decreased, it is obvious that this was due to Intel, which had net profit of 4.01%. Time to celebrate that JPR data include both discrete and integrated GPU. With this approach, Intel is the market leader with a share of 68.1%. Nvidia share equal to 17.5%, the share of AMD — 14.4 per cent. In the third quarter of 2016 shares of Intel, Nvidia and AMD accounted for 71.0 per cent of 16.0% and 13.0%, respectively.

Among the interesting data contained in the report are the following: the PC market increased during the quarter by 3.96%, while the discrete GPU was 35.92% of all PCs shipped during the quarter. Yoy PC sales declined by 3.55%.

Source: JPR



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