According to estimates IDEMA Japan, the supply of HDD for the year decreased by 9.2%

The organization of the International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association (IDEMA) Japan, uniting producers of equipment and materials used for the production of disk drives on hard magnetic disks, summed up in 2016.

Allegedly, the year it was released 425,8 million HDD. This figure is 9.2% less than in 2015. Reducing the market is not the first year. Peak supply was in 2010, when it was released 651,4 million drives. Manufacturers expect that this year the market will continue to decline. The projected volume of delivery is 407,7 million.

Reduction of supply in quantitative terms is accompanied by the increase of the total information volume of the shipped HDD. Thus, the capacity of all hard drives released in 2015, was 535,8 DL, and released in 2016 — 633 DL. This year the projected figure is 756 EB. In other words, the average volume of HDD continues to increase.

According IDEMA Japan that the models size 1.8 inches virtually ceased. Reduced models of size 3.5 inches model size 2.5 inch for laptops. But the issue of HDD for NAS, on the contrary, even increases. It remains to add that there are only four HDD manufacturer: Seagate Technology, Western Digital, HGST (owned by Western Digital) and Toshiba.

Sources: Digitimes, IDEMA Japan


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